PRODUCT - MobiPromo

Advanced Coupon-based WiFi Marketing &
Monetization System


White-Label Hardware and 100% Cloud Based


WiFi Couponing Based, Direct Marketing WiFi, WiFi Real Estate &
WiFi Captive Portal


MobiPromo® is a proprietary, WiFi Marketing & Monetization system. MobiPromo sets the industry benchmarks by providing the most advanced and comprehensive range of in-session advertising of any WiFi marketing system available. Now including real-time Instant Sales Leads and in-session Splash pages. The MobiPromo solution is comprised of hardware and a 100% Cloud based software platform.  Hardware devices are 100% Plug & Play, not requiring any configuration or ongoing maintenance whatsoever. Devices automatically update themselves using proprietary technology.


MobiPromo is White-Label hardware and cloud based technologies.  Providing marketers a means to build their own brand rather than someone elses. Using your logo, branding, domain, advertiser rates, terms and conditions, and much more.  From both a consumer and merchant’s perspective, the system looks and operates seamlessly as your own system.

Designed to engage consumers with highly targeted and relevant advertising from local, regional, and national brands. MobiPromo incentivizes consumers to use the system by providing free Wi-Fi Internet access.

MobiPromo has the ability to push geographically, behaviourally, device specific and competitor targeted, merchant created and managed advertisements, coupons, discount offers, banners, and video infomercials to consumers.

Multiple White-Label WiFi Marketing and Monetization System Options

WiFi Couponing Based System

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A merchant subscription based couponing system that promotes and delivers coupons, discounts, and deals to WiFi Users. Huge range of targeting options available.

Direct Marketing WiFi System

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A highly sophisticated WiFi direct marketing system that operates behind the scenes to deliver the full spectrum of MobiPromo advertisement opportunities. Includes Affiliate and Security Systems.

WiFi Real Estate System

The MobiPromo Real Estate WiFi system is designed specifically for Real Estate Agents and Networks. Includes features such as Agent pictures, property sales lead generation and more.

WiFi Captive Portal System

The WiFi Captive Portal system is the perfect solution where content delivery over WiFi with advertising ability is required without providing direct Internet access to Users.