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So, can the ayurvedic herb – shatavari help women who are trying to conceive, become pregnant.

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Information about Shatavari.

The research also shown that Shatavari can help with the following conditions:

Shatavari is used in Ayurveda to balance pitta and vatabut can increase kapha due to its heavy natureIts bitter and sweet taste has a cooling effect on the systemand its unctuousoilybuilding nature makes it a great support for anyone looking for a nourishinggrounding effect1 These combined qualities make it a rasayanarejuvenativefor the reproductive systemparticularly femalethe digestive systemparticularly when pitta is involvedand for the blood3.

Banyan strongly believes in making sure the farmers are cared for as a part of the supply chainThe farms we source from are inspected to make sure they are following fair-trade principles.

Results of earlier studies involving mice and rats suggest that shatavari may have additional health benefitsthough it is unclear whether humans will experience similar effects.

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by implementing shatavari into your daily routine, you will notice amazing results quickly.

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