About Us

Sima Minds main focus is on MobiPromo product. Through this product we offer an all inclusive solution that includes unlimited advertisements, coupons, advertisers, merchants, user sessions and device hardware.

Our company delivers geographically, behaviorally and competitor, targeted advertisements.  We set the Industry benchmark with the highest range of in-session advertisement types and opportunities than any other WiFi marketing and monetizations system available. We also have removed the capital expenditure requirement to establish and setup a Network.

Our White Label technology delivers Injected Coupons, Discount Offers, Ad Overlay’s, Interstitial Ads, Splash Pages, Redirections, Pushed Grouped Coupons and Deals, Priority Messages, Banner Ads, Video Infomercials, and Channelized Video Content.

Unfortunately, neither of these exchanges accept paypal, because accepting paypal for bitcoins is risky. When selling stuff on paypal, the seller is responsible for proving that they sent the product to the customer. With bitcoins, that’s impossible, so if the customer initiates a chargeback, the seller loses both the money and the bitcoins.